Skunk Removal Process

There are a number of pests that can become a problem for homeowners if they aren’t careful and prepared. Raccoons, rats, possums, and bats are among some of the most common animals that can invade our homes but one animal that can be a particular nuisance is the skunk. These black and white creatures are territorial animals and if they decide that your home is their new resting place, you may have quite a problem on your hands.

Skunks as many of you know, have the ability to exude quite a potent odor when threatened. This comes in the form of a spray from ducts near their anus which can travel up to 15 feet. It’s a smell that is almost unbearable for most animals, humans included. So if you try to remove a skunk from your home, you put yourself at risk of needing a tomato juice bath to get rid of the stench and no one wants that.

Where is a Skunk Most Likely to Be in My Home?

A skunk ideally wants to set themselves up in a space that is sheltered, dry, and warm, making plenty of places within your home ideal. They need a space that is safe from predators and good for raising young if it happens to be mating season. Here is a list of common areas of your home that you will likely find a skunk:

  • They like to live under fixed assets of your home. So you can likely find them under a shed, porch, or den.
  • Skunks will also try to hide in places such as a garage, shed, or outhouse.
  • Skunks will sometimes set up a den in less likely structures such as large woodpiles or drainage pipes.
  • Skunks will sometimes get into your home but will not want to be in contact with humans when doing so. They will often be found in your crawlspace

What Issues Can a Skunk Cause?

While you may be tempted to simply let the skunks on your property co-exist with you, it won’t be quite that easy. These animals can leave lasting effects on your property and can even affect your day-to-day life in some cases. Here are a number of common issues that skunks can bring to your home life.

  • Skunks may spray animals or potential threats on your property, causing a foul odor that will be a nightmare to remove from your home.
  • Skunks are territorial so if you have any pets, they can be put at risk of harm.
  • Skunks will go in search of grubs, digging up your garden in the process.
  • If a skunk dies, the body will remain on your property and the odor is just as foul as the spray these animals can produce.

How to Remove a Skunk from My Home

Due to the rules and regulations regarding killing, capturing, and the relocation of skunks, the art of removing a skunk from your home can be a more complex task than one might think. While it can be tempting to simply scare off or kill these animals to solve your problem fast, this can have negative consequences. You may get hurt, you may get prosecuted, and mother skunks may leave their young behind to die, causing damage to your property. So, in most cases, trapping is the ideal method. Here is a quick guide on how to do this:

Step one – If you fear that skunks will see your property as desirable, why not stop the problem before it starts with some preventative measures such as fencing, breaking up large log piles, and closing off any entry points under your porch or shed.

Step two – Next, you’ll need to set a trap. Be sure to select the best trap for your particular scenario. Then place this in the shade, camouflaged and away from anything that could be damaged when the trap goes off.

Step three – Be sure to use bait that skunks will enjoy rather than other animals. The last thing you want to do is trap your neighbor’s cat with a meat-based product.

Step four – Make sure you check this trap regularly to remove and dispose of caught skunks in an appropriate manner. Then re-bait and repeat this process until the issue is resolved.

What If I’m Not Equipped to Remove the Skunk(s) Myself?

If you are prepared and educated on the art of skunk removal you can by all means remove a skunk problem yourself. However, for most of us, this will be far from the case and we will require some added assistance to get the job done safely and correctly with adherence to any state laws that are in place. In this case, you’ll need the help of a professional. Learn more about skunk pest control visit

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