Many people ask us about how to get rid of rodents; mice and rats are the most common rodent removal services and can be a nuisance in homes and businesses worldwide. Active Wildlife Removal in Nashville, TN, is your specialist in rodent removal, and we are glad to be of help by removing the rodents from your home.

Rodent Damage

Rodent issues can be very unpleasant, as mice and rats breed quickly and can grow to a large population before you realize they are present. They can also carry disease and cause damage to your roof, insulation, attic, electrical wiring and interior walls. Rodents can die inside your walls or crawl space and the smell of decay can be very unpleasant to endure. There are many reasons why you want to act quickly to remove rodents from your home.

Access to Your Home

Rodents are skilled at entering your home through very small openings in your foundation or attic space, and rodent removal needs to be followed by a careful inspection and repair to these small openings. As experts in the field of rat and mice removal, Active Wildlife Removal’s team knows how to find these small openings and how to close them up so rodents can not continue to enter your home.

Common Rodent Removal Methods

Common rodent removal methods include snap traps, baited traps or boxes and glue boards. Although these methods may trap a few rodents, they are not the comprehensive or long-term solution to your rodent problem. Many people think they know how to get rid of rodents, but there are very few methods that are effective.

How to Get Rid of Rodents

The first step is to identify the type of rodents that are invading your home. Rats and mice may require different methods of removal and different types of traps. Trapping and removing the current population of rodents is the next step, followed by carefully sealing your home near the foundation and at the eaves of the roof.

Parasites and Diseases

Cleaning and sanitizing the area where the rodents are found is an important step, to remove all possibility of disease, feces, nests and damaged insulation. This will also help to prevent rodents from returning to the areas they previously inhabited. Rodents carry many different diseases, which can be transmitted through feces, urine, saliva and bites. They also host parasites such as fleas and mites. Active Wildlife Removal’s professional team will safely clean the damaged area with specialized equipment, disinfecting cleaners and professional tools.

Common Types of Rodents

The most common types of rodents we see are roof rats, Norway rats and common field or house mice. Each type of rodent may enter your home in a different way, and knowing the differences in their appearance and habits can help you to understand what type of rodent removal issues you are facing.

Roof Rats

Roof rats are climbers, and they tend to travel through trees and enter homes through the attic space. They are skilled at locating small openings, and they are also large enough to chew new openings so they can enter your home. They are strong chewers, and they can damage electrical wires and cause other damage in your home. The body of a roof rat is typically six to eight inches in length.

Norway Rats

Norway rats are even larger at up to 15 inches in length. These large rats are brown in color, and they are skilled at entering homes both through the attic and at ground level. This type of rat may be too large for typical trapping systems, and larger live traps may need to be used for their removal.

Common Mice

Common field or house mice and deer mice are the types of mice we most typically see in area homes and businesses. These types of mice are very small, and they can easily access most areas of your home. They can be easier to trap due to their small size, but it is more difficult to find and block their access to your home.

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