Baby Season: May – June
2 – 5 young per litter, generally one litter per year

Raccoon removal services are used every year. Countless numbers of Americans go through an experience that they shouldn’t have to endure: rushed visits to the ER or their doctor’s office due to a bite of one of nature’s prettiest, yet most troublesome forms of wildlife. An entire industry has emerged because of these little creatures, and it’s called raccoon removal.

Although it cannot be emphasized strongly enough, raccoon removal and how to get rid of raccoons should only be handled by professional pest or animal control technician who has the skill, training and patience to deal with these little creatures.

A Little About Your Furry, Masked Visitor

Easily recognizable, raccoons wear a black mask, much like a traditional thief as depicted in the movies. Having a narrow nose and accompanying ring tails, they are cuddly looking and invoke warm feelings as would a family pet.

Raccoons are very smart and curious animals. They often find their way into residential crawl spaces and attics, many times in search of safe nesting habitat. Equipped with a “thumb” and the ability to grab and pull things, Raccoons can be one of the most destructive animals in Tennessee. Duct work and insulation damage are common, once raccoons have moved in an attic or crawlspace. Health hazards may also become present with the accumulation of raccoon feces, which are latrine like.

Where They Are Found

Actually, anywhere there are woods, forests and any place where wildlife habitats–in all 50 states. However, as many residents in Nashville and surrounding areas already know, raccoons seem to really like Tennessee. If your state is one with mountainous terrain, you’ll probably find plenty of raccoons there too!

Often living in the crawl space, chimney or attic of houses, raccoon removal is also many times needed underneath houses and in basement areas.

Telling Signs You Need Raccoon Removal–Fast!

Typically, our clients realize they are having a raccoon problem due to loud noises in the attic and/or walls during night hours, nightly garbage can disturbances, staining on drywall ceiling due to feces and urine, or muddy foot prints on trails leading into entry points. An infestation of fleas, terrible, foul odors or especially noises at night around 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. which is their feeding time, are among the signs that you have a raccoon problem.

Other signs that you need raccoon removal services is that there may appear stains from urine and feces appearing on your ceiling. Usually quiet, they do let off a high-pitched squeal if they feel threatened.

Raccoon Removal Before Springtime Activity

If there is a time for raccoon removal, it’s before the springtime. Springtime is birthing time for raccoon moms who typically have two to five to a little during May through June. It’s during this time that raccoon mothers temporary leave their litters to get some rest. Often, homeowners report that there are birds in chimneys, walls or attics because baby raccoons often sound like the chirping of birds. That being said, it’s best to remove the creatures before mom gives birth in your home or property.

What Harm Is There If No Raccoon Removal Takes Place?

Unfortunately, they are capable of much harm if not handled by someone who knows how to get rid of raccoons properly. Digging up the ground, garden, lawn or field as they look for worms and grubs are just some of the ways they cause damage. In addition, they typically enter homes during the winter and spring months with their preferred entrance being an open attic way.

Although they are small in comparison to other wildlife, they can exhibit much strength and bring havoc to roof areas and their surrounding areas. Insulation damage resulting from feces droppings and urine, eventually damage the duct-work or wiring of a house and stain drywall.

Unfortunately, physical damage to structures is not their only drawback in causing damage. Aggressive and dangerous, they also carry harmful parasites and diseases, including roundworm, rabies and parvovirus. They should not be handled by a novice, but instead they should always be handled by someone who knows how to get rid of raccoons and other forms of wildlife.

How To Get Rid of Raccoons–The Safe Way

Unless you’re an experience hand at this chore, it is always best to call a certified, animal removal technician. Some things to look for in a professional animal removal service provider include:

– Is the company offering permanent solutions to homeowners, property managers, businesses and government? A quality animal removal company uses only advance technology, equipment, rapid-response service, detection methods, prevention, repairs and clean up operations of wildlife damage and wild animal problems.

– How humanely is the animal caught, treated and then released? Most states have their own wildlife requirements and guidelines that are rigidly followed by raccoon removal services. You can learn more about humane raccoon removal humaneraccoonremoval.org

– Are the solutions offered safe for your family, pets, home and business?

– Is the company fully licensed, certified and insured? A superior company even protects their own technicians with on the job protection–commercial vehicle insurance to workers compensation.

– How good is the company’s customer service? Does the firm offer a free, initial visual inspection accurately pinpointing what kind of animal it is and the damage being caused?

It is imperative that all contamination be cleaned up after raccoon removal in the attic or crawlspace area after the raccoon removal service has been successful in the raccoons being removed. Animals communicate by scent, any leftover residue will attractant more unwelcome guests. Homeowners insurances also recognize the health hazard that raccoons can create in your home.

So, there you have it: how to get rid of raccoons the safe and proper way. Call now on professionals who know animals and animal behavior. Moreover, professionals who can give you and your family peace of mind in solving your wildlife problem and getting you back to your daily routine.

Active Wildlife Removal works with most insurance companies to ensure that your home is properly restored, secured, and sanitized. Call Active Wildlife Removal today to help you with your raccoon removal needs.

Damage that raccoons do to your home and health hazards they pose

While there are many animals that are more than happy to take up residence in your home, arguably none are more dangerous and damaging to your property than a raccoon. Normally these creatures will stick to your garbage cans outside, scavenging any food they can without risk of human contact but on occasion, these pests will set up shop in your home and this can lead to a number of problems. Here are a few of the most common issues that a raccoon infestation can cause:


Raccoons may look like cute and cuddly masked creatures, however, you might want to put some distance between you and them. The reason being that these creatures carry diseases such as Rabies and Baylisascaris, which if not treated, can cause long-term health problems and in some cases be fatal to humans. So, it’s best to get these creatures out of your home fast.

Pets and Children 

Raccoons can be very territorial animals, especially when raising young. So if you have young children or pets that don’t have a good sense to stay clear of these animals, you may find that these creatures can cause serious bodily harm to your loved ones, making it all the more prevalent that you get them off your property.

Electrical Wiring 

When raccoons gain access to your home, it’s likely that they will be amongst your electrical components. Sadly, these animals have a tendency to chew on wires, causing damage to your electrical systems. If you’re devices suddenly cut out, you may have an intruder in your midst.


While many may think that raccoons wouldn’t be the most agile creature around, they can actually get around pretty well and can get into your home from the roof if necessary. They do this by scaling the home at the corners of the building. When they reach the roof, they will often rip off roof caps, slates, and tiles to gain entry to your home.

What to Do When a Raccoon Invades Your Home 

While there are steps that you can take to trap and get rid of raccoons yourself, this does require some specialized equipment and a good deal of knowledge on how to approach the task. It’s not a job that we would advise a novice to take on. For this reason, we would urge you to contact a professional.

If you live in Tennessee, contact us at Active Wildlife Removal for the task at hand. We are licensed and highly trained removal specialists that will take care of your raccoon problem with ease, do a fast job, and make sure that your home receives any aftercare that it needs if the little pests did any damage to your property. Plus, we will prevent the problem from reoccurring by putting preventative measures in place.

We offer our services to the residents of Clarksville, Nashville, Brentwood, Dickson, and all surrounding areas. Contact us today to reclaim your home once and for all!

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