Here at Active Wildlife Removal, we specialize in nuisance wildlife removal and prevention. Once the unwanted guests are removed, fixing all entry points is a key step to prevent future problems. Our technicians are trained to identify all problem openings and repair these areas. We also remove any nesting, feces, and other debris that acts as “attractants”, drawing in more wildlife. It is imperative that all the attractants be eliminated, as well as the animal scent to ensure the problem is solved.

When dealing with wildlife in crawlspaces, several openings can exist. Typically, those openings consist of A/C unit flashings, loose or breached breezeway vents, or foundation holes. In some cases, crawlspace drainage pipes, and even malfunctioning crawlspace doors could provide wildlife with access. These openings are close to the ground and allow access for rodents and snakes as well as larger wildlife. If you are experiencing noises under your home or business, and find openings leading into the crawlspace, please give the Pros at Active Wildlife Removal a call TODAY. Simply blocking the opening can lead to trapping an animal inside. Doing so will most definitely lead to more damage, as the animal tries to find an alternate way out.

Attic spaces commonly harbor wildlife that has found a way inside. Both modern and older homes and buildings can be vulnerable. Common openings that lead into attics include gable vents, attic vents, and eave gaps. These vents are usually screened with a bug meshing. This meshing has little to no resistance against animals with claws. Some homes are built with an extreme roof line opening. A roof line opening is a gap between the roof’s decking board and the fascia board. When close to this area, wildlife can feel the air draft that emits from this opening. They simply slide under the first row of shingles near the gutter, and gain access into the attic.

Active Wildlife Removal also provides a variety of preventative work for all sorts of bird issues. Whether commercial or residential, our technicians are experts in bird prevention. We offer commercial services to solve pigeon problems on large buildings. Every situation is unique and we will assess each problem, outlining a detailed solution. We offer a variety of products for prevention to conform to any size budget, from spike strips and bird x gel to solar panel powered shock strips and netting systems. Residential bird problems arise each spring and summer. Exhaust vents such as bathroom and dryer exhausts become ideal nesting spots for Starlings across Tennessee. This can cause quite a smell inside the home, as well as pose a fire hazard and health hazard due to nesting buildup and bird mites. Our technicians are experts in solving this issue. We will remove the birds , eggs, and all nesting and contamination. In some cases, the flex tubing that connects the outer vent with the bathroom fan can become damaged by the birds. We can remove the damaged tubing and replace with a new one to ensure your house is back to new. The final step is to affix a bird guard over all vents on the exterior of the home to prevent future bird issues.

Active Wildlife Removal prides itself in professional prevention for all types of wildlife. All of our full exclusion work comes with a 2 Year FULL WARRANTY. We are confident that our recommended steps will solve your wildlife issue. Give us a call today to make sure animals don’t have access to your crawlspace, attic, or any other part of your home or business.


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