Predator removal services are on the rise as Coyote populations are constantly on the rise. Urban areas are beginning to see more and more activity as progression continues to eliminate suitable habitat. Livestock farmers are in constant battle with these predators. Coyotes, as with all predators, are very sly animals. Live trapping, although not impossible, proves to be highly ineffective. The best way to trap for coyotes is to utilize conventional trapping methods. This includes snares and foothold traps. While these traps are effective, they also pose a risk to non-targeted wildlife and pets.

Active Wildlife Removal is fully licensed through TWRA and specialize in Controlled Predator Elimination. Upon initial inspection, our experts will survey the effected property and surrounding area. Predator Removal After reviewing all sign and sighting reports, our predator control unit will lay out a plan of action. We utilize state-of-the-art calling techniques and decoys to lure problem coyotes in close. This allows for positive identification of nuisance coyotes, and quick and effective elimination.

AWR offers predator control services for any situation that may arise. We work with all local wildlife and law enforcement agencies to ensure safe and legal operations. This is truly the most effective method, while offering the least amount of danger to pets and other animals.

Active Wildlife Removal: Predator Removal and Control services

Any home or business in our area knows the anxiety and nervousness that accompany reports of a predator on the premises. Whether you’re a busy mom packing lunch for her kids, a harried father trying to get the lawn mowed before it rains, or a businessman stressing out over third quarter financials, the last thing that you have on your mind is how to get rid of predators. Even though you can’t plan for these types of dangerous situations, we at Active Wildlife Removal can, and we’ve been executing our well-thought out predator control and predator removal plans successfully for decades.

Making Predator Removal & Control Easy and Convenient

Our technicians are trained in many humane disposal techniques that simplify the complicated predator removal process into a series of steps that are carried out with diligence and respect for the animal. We use the most advanced detection technology that money can buy, and then let our disposal professionals do the rest with their arsenal of traps, nets, stun guns and sprays. Any business or home that receives an unwelcome visit form a predator only wants a quick and easy solution to the problem, and we are proud to provide exactly that — our predator removal service is on call at all hours of the day and night, and we pride ourselves on our quick response rate and thorough attention to detail in every case.

Taking Clients Through the Predator Removal Process

At Active Wildlife Removal, we strive to solve your predator crisis in a satisfactory way from beginning to end. Our detection methods are clever and advanced, and our capture techniques have been proven viable time and time again, but our true value is what we promise to do after removal has been accomplished. Our teams consider property repair, restoration and general cleanup, disinfection and sanitation an important part of the predator removal process, and we are adamant about the fact that our mission is to leave your property looking how you want it to look.

Residential and Commercial Predator Removal Experience

We have done most of our work outside of homes and office buildings, and we recognize the problems and pratfalls that arise in each environment. In active situations at office parks or complexes, we ensure that our presence will not alert workers to the fact that something is amiss. Active Wildlife Removal takes great care to instill a sense of calm in our clientele, and we swear we won’t ruffle any feathers (besides those that are asking for it!) We are also sensitive to the needs of homeowners in neighborhoods in the Nashville area, and there is nothing we enjoy more than quickly and completely finishing a job that enhances the safety of the area.

If you spot anything suspicious on your lawn or in the street, such as footprints, strange droppings or damaged property, make sure to give us a call and alert us to the potential dangerous predator in the vicinity. We know how to get rid of predators so that you don’t have to — call or email us at any time to see that knowledge in action!


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