Muskrats are small burrowing animals that look very similar to beavers. They live in areas where there is still water, generally lakes, ponds and slow-moving rivers and streams. Since they like to burrow, they can do plenty of damage to your property and your home and may need a muskrat removal experts advice.. They can also become a serious problem if they are not dealt with immediate. Find out how to get rid of muskrats, so they don’t take over your yard – and your life.

Signs Muskrats Are Attracted to Your Home

One of the biggest reasons you might have muskrats is if you have a lot of muddy water near your home. If you live near a lake, pond or river, you might have a muskrat problem. Muddy water often attracts muskrats, so keep them away from your home by reducing the amount of muddy water in your yard. Make sure rainwater can drain downhill and away from your house or garden. Don’t leave hoses or faucets on in your yard. Make sure you don’t water your lawn too much. Make sure all pluming is in good working condition, so pipes don’t leak into dirt or grass.

If you notice feeding platforms in your yard, this could be a muskrat hangout. These animals generally create elevated areas for feeding. If you see a raised area – which could include a space made of wood or twigs, flat mud or other substances – where evidence of food is present, this could be your muskrats’ feeding platform. You might also find droppings in this area too.

Keep an eye out for muskrat burrows, where muskrats live. They usually live in eight-inch holes near the banks of a river, lake or pond.

Muskrat runs also indicate a nearby burrow. These are paths that run from the burrows to areas where muskrats scrounge for food. If these runs lead to your home or yard, muskrats are definitely infiltrating your property. You may need to consider muskrat removal.

How to Repel Muskrats from Your Yard

You can keep muskrats away from your home by repelling them. There are two easy ways to repel muskrats if they haven’t already infiltrated your home or property. The easiest way to repel them is by installing an automated sprinkler system. Install the sprinklers around the pond, river or stream where your muskrats live. Since the system is run on a motion sensor, it will only come on when it senses something moving. When the system comes on, the water will scare the animals, and they will retreat back to their burrows.

This method is usually best when you don’t have a lot of other animals in the area. Since the sprinklers will be set off by pretty much any movement, you’ll end up using a lot of water in the process.

How to Keep Muskrats Out of Your Yard

You can also keep your yard free of muskrats by installing a fence around the perimeter of your yard. You’ll need to install a one-inch mesh fence around the entire perimeter of the desired area. This can be extremely time consuming and labor intensive. It’s also not an extremely attractive way of keeping out muskrats, so many homeowners prefer the automated sprinkler system. You’ll also need to make sure you don’t need to get a special permit to install the fence.

Muskrat Traps

The easiest type of muskrat removal is by setting traps. Traps should be place right outside the muskrat burrows to ensure capture. They can also be situated along the muskrat runs or feeding platforms. You’ll need to check with your town to make sure you can use certain traps in your wildlife area. Sometimes it’s easier to call a professional to set the traps, since they can be tricky to remove.

Other Facts

If you do have muskrats, you’ll want to get rid of them as soon as possible. They reproduce extremely fast, so the problem can get out of hand quickly if you don’t decide on a muskrat removal technique right away.

Call the Professionals

It’s often difficult to find out if your culprit is a muskrat. These creatures tend to spend a lot of time underwater and underneath the ground, so it can be difficult to spot them. You might want to consider for muskrat removal. The professionals can determine if your problem happens to be muskrats and eradicate them if necessary. Muskrat removal can be especially difficult on your own, so it’s not a bad idea to get someone in to help as soon as possible. If you want to know how to get rid of muskrats, the best way is to call in for backup.


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