Mole Removal – What are Moles?

Mole Removal is a common service for middle Tennesseans. Moles, a small mammal , can burrow tunnels underground and measure about 8 inches in length. They are grey in appearance and have little feet with big toenails designed for digging. Their necks are strong. Moles mostly live underground, so they don’t have external ears or large eyes. When mole removal is needed, call the experts to help.

Nashville Mole Removal – Are Moles Dangerous?

Moles don’t really carry diseases that pose a danger to humans. However, they’re damaging to your landscaping and lawn. Their underground tunnels make the lawn surface weak and can make roots take damage too. They’ll also commonly leave behind mounds of dirt that make the lawn look ugly.

Why Do I Have Moles?

This is a common problem for those whose property has the perfect environment for food and burrowing. Moles like moist soil and wooded areas. They’re most active during the summer and will consume earthworms, insects and nuts found on the property.

How to Get Rid of Moles

Our mole removal services include effective control for Nashville and the surrounding areas.

Can I Perform DIY Mole Removal?

It’s possible, but you’re getting your hands dirty. There’s no way to get rid of moles without trapping, poison or hiring a professional mole removal company to get the job done.

The Humane Option

Although it’s not the most effective way, this option can get a mole away from your property without killing it. Get a shovel and use its back to flatten all molehills on your property. Then get to a vantage point and watch for a disturbance in the soil as the mole returns to fix a hill. With two shovels now in hand, hurry back and plunge them into the ground to isolate the mole, trapping it between your tools. This gives you the ability to dig out the tunnel and move the mole to a box for easy transfer away from your property.

The Effective Option

For something that doesn’t involve a lot of trial, error or time, you can also purchase a trap or poison to get rid of the moles. If you don’t know where the tunnels are, the nearest molehill is a suitable location for this. Be sure to keep checking the trap, and realize that catching one doesn’t mean that everything is fixed. The trap and disposal will need to be done over and over again. This also means having to face the fact that you’re ending the life of one or more little critters, which is something many people find unacceptable.

Not only that, but it’s difficult to understand the elaborate tunnels that moles dig underground. It’s hard to know where they go, how many moles there are, and where to find all of the nests that still exist on your property. The longer that a mole spends time in your home, the more elaborate everything becomes.

Because of this, rather than learning how to get rid of moles on your own, it’s best to rely on a mole removal company to get the job done for you instead. This allows us to rapidly take care of the problem without posing further risk to your property.

How to Stop Future Mole Infestations

Unfortunately, there is no way to completely stop all moles from getting onto your property to establish a community. The only thing you can do is to take a few steps to ensure your property is no longer considered habitable. One example might be to add extra or too little water for your lawn. Of course, the best advice will come from a professional wildlife removal company with experience in preventing infestations.

Another option is to remove the source of food that the moles enjoy, such as earthworms. Mole control boils down to using deterrents. After we have trapped the moles and removed them from your property, you can use deterrents and repellent devices such as sonic devices meant to emit sounds that moles can hear. Humans cannot hear this sound.

By controlling your local earthworm population and taking advantage of pesticides, you can reduce how many earthworms appear on your property, which reduces the food supply for moles and makes the environment less habitable. Of course, know that earthworms still provide benefits for the soil, including aeration and fertility. Because of this, it’s best to strive for a balance rather than total elimination from the earthworms on your land and property.


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