Flying squirrels, which are known for their chewing ability, will search for possible entries into the attic of your home. They create an entry-point by eating through the side of your roof line. They will also come through attics by eating at joints in the wood panels . They can eat straight through vents, ducts and roof vent filters. Flying squirrels produce two litters every year. Often in February till March and repeated in August till September. The litter born in spring ranges between 4-6 young while the fall litter is generally 3-5.

Why do they call them “Flying Squirrels”?

Tennessee Flying squirrels, in reality, do not fly, but rather glide through the air. Multiplying in populations, there are certain regions in Tennessee that has flying squirrel problems. Flying Squirrels breed twice a year, spring, and in late summer, and can have as many as 2-7 young per litter. Flying squirrel removal should only be done by a professional, as they do have superior homing abilities and can return. They are mostly nocturnal, and physically active throughout the year. They are also very social creatures and love to live in a colony – which means if you have a single flying squirrel you more likely find a lot more.

Once in the attic, squirrels (a member of the rodent family) will chew on the wire or frame system. They can and will diminish the attic insulation. Besides the probability of fire hazard, foul odor and urine, squirrels over time will significantly reduce the R rating of the attic insulation. Once a squirrel is present in your attic, you will definitely require flying squirrel removal services from a licensed, bonded and insured wildlife removal company like All Paws. Since flying squirrels have many of the same characteristic. Squirrels are persistent, smart and inquisitive creatures; they will utilize any means to find their way into comfortable and safe accommodation as their earth counterparts it is quite possible that you have squirrels getting in your loft via flying.

Squirrels may be cute, but can cause extensive damage to homes. Flying squirrel removal is required before the problem exacerbates or they decide to move into your home or business. They are known to easily jump from trees to roofs where they find their way into attics and damage insulation and drywall to make their nests. You should now be able to start catching the squirrels – you should choose a multi-trap that is capable to trap up to six rodents at a time. Here is an explanation of how to get rid of flying squirrels. It will take some length of time for you to remove all your flying squirrels and you must ensure you have them all and then close the remaining holes. Remove your visitors far away from your home unless you want them to find their way back in. One they are all out, the entry hole should be sealed up to avoid future recurrence. Using steel is recommended, so they can’t chew through. It is followed by cleaning up the attic – decontamination of urine and fecal matter. You must then block all of them barring one – forcing the squirrels to utilize the similar route all the time.

Experienced Active Wildlife Removal will carry out flying squirrel removal in a humane manner but will protect your building from future recurrences with squirrel exclusion. Active Wildlife Removal is multiple state certified, insured and licensed company. We possess many years of experience and are BBB Accredited. Quality and customer satisfaction is highly regarded. Our permanent solutions give you peace of mind, knowing that the problem is solved the right way.

Active Wildlife Removal professionals will perform an initial evaluation to start the process of how to get rid of flying squirrels. We will set traps on site according to squirrel activity and their behavior. Every Squirrel control job is uniquely different. Our wildlife experts will inspect your home for nesting, destroyed electrical wires from squirrel gnawing, destruction of air conditioning duct work, chewing of wooden surfaces, fecal matter accumulation, every opening, and will provide you a personalized inspection report entailing all of possible recommendations. We provide affordable solutions of flying squirrel removal that get suitable results. All repairs performed by Active Wildlife Removal have a warranty that is reputable.


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