We here at Active Wildlife Removal are proud to serve the citizens of Clarksville. Clarksville has the privilege of being able to combine the beautiful views of the city with the peaceful feeling brought on by the surrounding forested area. But, because of the natural forest that surrounds the small city, wildlife issues can become a common issue. Active Wildlife Removal is your go-to service if you find yourself struggling with an animal-related issue.

Animal-Related Issues In Clarksville

Despite being located just about an hour away from Nashville, Clarksville is home to a wide variety of wildlife. While this might be nice for those that want to take a nice walk in the park, having an animal inside of your home is much less fun. There are a wide variety of ways that animals can impact homeowners in Clarksville. Here are just a few of the ways that your home can be impacted by the wildlife in Clarksville.

Skunks are more common in Clarksville than you might think. Skunks are mainly nocturnal animals, so it makes sense that you might not see them during the day. Despite how elusive skunks are, it’s not uncommon to have a skunk create a burrow underneath your deck or shed. This, of course, creates a major issue for homeowners. Active Wildlife Removal is more than happy to help remove the skunk from your yard and help you reclaim your home.

Raccoons are a common sight in areas such as Clarksville. Because the forest is right by Clarksville, raccoons might wander into the city from the forest. Due to the vast amounts of food that a raccoon might find in Clarksville it only makes sense that a raccoon would decide it wants to settle in the city. Unfortunately, this might mean your home. In the case that a raccoon makes its way into your crawl space, Active Wildlife Removal is there to help remove the raccoon for you.

Bats are known to fly into attics and create colonies in them. Clarksville provides the ideal habitat for bats to live in and, during the spring and summer months, in particular, bats are prone to wanting to stay. As is common with most animals, bats might decide that your home is the best place for them to stay. If this happens to you, Active Wildlife Removal is going to be right there to help.

Rodents are a common sight to see in almost any habitat. But, because Clarksville is in between two habitats, rodents might discover your home while passing through. Like anywhere else, a rodent that finds food in your home is likely to stick around. If this is the case for you, Active Wildlife Removal will be there to help.

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Active Wildlife Removal is your go-to animal removal service. Our expertise about animal removal and our passion for helping others puts us above the rest. We’re here to help you first and foremost and will take caution when planning out how we intend to resolve your animal conflicts. Should you find yourself struggling with an animal-related issue, give us a call today at (615) 766-7119!


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