Chipmunk Removal

In the wild, chipmunks are irresistibly cute. Brown and black with chubby cheeks and endearing personalities, kids and adults alike love them (witness the success of the “Alvin & The Chipmunks” series as proof). But when they are crawling around in your attic crawl spaces, along your pipes or under your foundation, the danger they represent to your home and family is quite real. This is the right time to consider chipmunk removal, for their sake and for yours.

How Chipmunks Get In

Chipmunks are quite agile. If you’ve ever watched them scampering up and down trees or in and out of hollow logs, you can probably imagine just how easily they could figure out how to crawl inside your walls, under your shingles or into your piping.

And if your foundation vent screening has become ripped or torn or if there are any gaps at the point where your HVAC unit feeds into the interior of your home, you can bet they will discover it and slip right in.

Once they are inside, they often discover the temperature controlled, safe and private accommodations are quite to their liking, which is why the best method for how to get rid of chipmunks usually involves calling the experts.

What Are the Risks of Leaving Them Alone?

Sometimes new customers call and ask if they should just leave the chipmunks alone and let time solve the problem. It is very natural to have this question! Unfortunately, the only thing time is likely to produce is more baby chipmunks who will happily join their parents in setting up shop in your attic, inside your utility pipes or under your foundation.

Here, they can potentially create foundation-cracking water leaks, start electrical fires from chewing utility wires, keep you up at night with their running and scratching, bring in disease and more pests that make their way into your carpets, indoor air and bedding and leave behind contaminants like droppings that attract other unwelcome wild visitors.

So the risks include fire, foundation repair, disease for humans and domestic pets and more. Chipmunks are at heart wild animals and they belong outside in the wild, not inside your home with your family and pets. In this way, scheduling a professional chipmunk removal is a kindness to them as well as to you and your family.

2 Steps to a Successful Chipmunk Removal

Once you have made the decision that you are ready to find out how to get rid of the chipmunks that are living somewhere inside your home, you will need to address two issues at once: removing the chipmunks from your home and immediately sealing up any potential entrances where they might be able to get back in.

Both steps are critical. Chipmunks are creative and agile, and if they want to get back into your safe and comfy home, they will exploit any ready opportunity you don’t address. So once you get the chipmunks out, you must immediately seal up any possible openings, ideally that very same day. This is the only way to avoid having to repeat the whole process all over again in the future.

How to Get Rid of Chipmunks

If you have never had a chipmunk removal done at your home or workplace before, you may wonder what is involved and how long it will take.

Here is how a typical animal removal works:

  • Premises inspection. First, Active Wildlife Removal comes out and does a full premises inspection to identify where the chipmunks are getting in and out.
  • Trap setup. We then set up traps near to the identified entry and exit points. These traps are specific to catch only chipmunks.
  • Trap monitoring. We monitor the traps for up to 14 days and as soon as the chipmunks go in, we remove them.
  • Repair and clean up. We repair the holes and clean up the areas where the chipmunks were living upon request by you.

Why Choose Active Wildlife Removal?

Active Wildlife Removal has been in the animal industry for many years. As a trusted member of the local community, Active Wildlife Removal’s staff is professionally trained to remove all types of animals and do the necessary cleanup, repair and sanitation that is often required.

We are also fully licensed and insured to perform chipmunk removal for residential and commercial properties.

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