Birds are beautiful to watch when they are flying free in the sky. Soaring above the treetops, and strutting around the park. Particularly in the spring during baby season. Birds can become quite a nuisance. You may find yourself in need of bird removal for your problem.

Each spring, Tennessee homes all around the area get invaded by nesting birds. Most of this pesky activity is the work of the European Starling. This non-native bird, known for its large swarms. They invade commercial and residential openings in search of suitable nesting sites. They will pack nesting material in these vents, and continue to add to the previous year’s nests. This accumulation can become a serious fire hazard in some situations. Starlings are known to carry numerous diseases and parasites such as bird mites. These mites can number into the thousands. This can pose a health hazard, as the mites can enter homes in search of other hosts (humans and pets).

European Starlings and House Sparrows are two types of birds that are prevalent around Tennessee. These birds typically have 2-4 broods per year with 4-6 hatchings per brood. That means two sparrows can create up to 24 new little birds each year. Once they are big enough to leave the nest, these birds will have to go out and find homes of their own.

Starlings and sparrows are known as “cavity nesters”. Which means they will seek out any convenient gaps, holes, or openings. Dryer and exhaust vents as well as chimneys are especially attractive to these birds. It can be a fire hazard when these birds bring nesting material into these spaces. A situation like this requires immediate attention.

Wild turkeys are very aggressive. They have been known to “stalk” pets and people. They can cause damage to crops and vehicles. They tear up lawns and gardens.

Canada Geese flock to ponds and parks. They are destroying turf and leaving behind mountains of droppings. Woodpeckers peck unsightly holes in wood homes or trim. Active Wildlife Removal can help with any of these situations.

Pigeons are also common around Davidson County. Pigeons roosting in unwanted areas leave a disgusting mess of droppings. These droppings are highly corrosive and can cause damage to anything they land on. If pigeons are roosting over a walkway, their droppings can be slippery and cause a person to fall. Particles of droppings can become airborne. Especially if pigeons are roosting near a building’s ventilation system. These particles are hazardous to humans and they can become a nuisance. Nesting in unwanted locations and excessive dropping accumulation are common issues that can arise. Like starlings, pigeons carry numerous infectious diseases that can be contracted by humans.

Other instances requiring bird removal might involve other species. Like hawks, vultures, gulls, swallows, or ducks. Bird infestations of any kind present health hazards in the form of parasites and numerous infectious diseases that can be transmitted to humans. For the safety of your family, call wildlife professionals as soon as you need them.

Pigeon Prevention and Removal

We offer specialized pigeon removal and prevention methods. We can effectively and humanely remove pigeons from any site using aviary live trapping techniques. AWR offers a multitude of different repellent and deterrent products. These can be applied to any situation. In cases where large populations exist, we also offer specialized feeding programs. With OVOCONTROL, we can humanely reduce the population.

Some birds and their nests are protected by the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act. This act states that bird removal or nest destruction can be prohibited without proper permits. Whether your bird issues are in a residential or commercial property, bird removal is not a do it yourself job. You will want to call in properly trained and licensed bird removal specialists.

If you are wondering how to get rid of birds, we can assist you. For locations around Nashville, the specialists at Active Wildlife Removal offer prompt and professional bird removal services. This family run team of experts gets rid of birds in a safe, effective, and humane way.

Once the feathered friends are removed. We can fix all entry points. This is a key step to preventing future problems. We provide a thorough clean up as well as restoration services to repair any damage caused by wildlife. AWR technicians are trained to identify all problem openings and repair these areas. Any nesting, feces, and other debris that may act as an attractant (drawing in more wildlife) will be removed. It is imperative that all the attractants be eliminated, as well as the animal scent to ensure the problem is permanently solved. To be sure there is no remaining risk to humans, sanitation and deodorization services are also provided with bird removal.

When your bird issue has been resolved, Active Wildlife Removal Services offers a variety of effective repellent and deterrent products to fit any situation. Proper use of deterrents and repellents will ensure that your unwanted guests do not return.

If you are hearing rustling or tweets in your attic or crawlspace. Even if you aren’t sure exactly what it is, AWR can help. Active Wildlife Removal Services offers a free inspection. Your homeowners insurance may even cover the services you need.


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Damage That Birds Do to Your Home and Health Hazards They Pose

Birds are often seen as harmless creatures that can brighten the day of humans. While they might be fun to watch, they can present a serious problem when they make their way into your home. Birds can cause some serious damage and cause serious health hazards while they are at it. Continue reading to learn more about damages and problems birds can cause and how you can get rid of them permanently. Here is a great source to learn more about birds

Fire Hazards

When birds get into homes, they generally are looking for a warm shelter to nest in. When birds begin to create their nests, they will generally pick out some ultra-dry materials that will keep them and their young warm. Before birds begin building their nests, however, they decide where to put them. Often, birds will build their nests right next to the warmest places they can find. This will generally be right on top of or next to HVAC components. Long story short, this can eventually lead to a fire that could burn an entire building to the ground.

Stains and Smells

One of the worst problems that occur when birds get into your home is their penchant for leaving their droppings everywhere. As this happens, it stains the building materials located in your attic, such as the lumber, insulation, drywall, and many other materials. If there is any metal in your home that birds leave droppings on, it can create corrosion that could eventually lead to the weakening and collapse of the metal structures within your home. Finally, the droppings will eventually cause a horrible odor throughout your home, as the smell will not simply be limited to your attic or other parts of your home the birds are inhabiting.


While salmonella is generally linked to food that is infected, birds are actually a major spread of this illness. Generally, this disease is spread by humans who come into contact with the bird’s droppings or urine. Salmonella can be very mild or very severe, as the severity of the illness is linked to many factors. Age, amount of bacteria exposed to, and many other factors can play a role in the disease’s severity. In most cases, salmonella will show up in the form of abdominal issues. Diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps are some of the most common symptoms. Luckily, most humans are able to fight off salmonella on their own. In some cases, antibiotics will be used, particularly if the illness is very severe or someone is more prone to get it severely.


One of the most serious diseases spread by nuisance wildlife is histoplasmosis. Bats and birds are the primary creatures that spread this fungal infection. This disease is unlike most diseases, as it can be contracted simply by breathing in air with the histoplasmosis fungal spores in it. Luckily, a lot of humans who breathe in these fungal spores will not get sick at all, as it depends heavily on the amount breathed into the respiratory system. With that being said, some humans, particularly those with weakened immune systems, are more susceptible to have a serious illness arise from the fungus. Many times, the illness will go away on its own. However, many times doctors will prescribe a high-grade antifungal medication that will help people recover more quickly.

Why hire Active Wildlife Removal?

Here at Active Wildlife Removal, we have years of experience dealing with virtually all common Tennessee nuisance birds. We know how important keeping your family safe from these health risks is, and we take pride in ensuring that you and your family’s safety are our top priority. If you are looking for wildlife removal, animal damage repair, animal exclusion, or restoration of areas animals have damaged, we can perform each of these services for you. If you have a bird problem that you want to take care of professionally, give us a call here at Active Wildlife Removal!