At Active Wildlife Removal, wildlife is our passion. We are a family run business, proudly service all of middle Tennessee’s commercial and residential Nuisance Wildlife Removal needs. We service Nashville, Clarksville, Brentwood, Dickson and surrounding cities. Our goal is to create and maintain a healthy coexistence between the needs of today’s society and our local wildlife population. That’s why we exist. From the plundering of crops, gardens and landscaping to property destruction and bodily harm, the problems can become quite serious

That’s why we recommend removing and managing wild animals to only be attempted with the assistance of a professionally trained and licensed Wildlife Removal Technician. At Active Wildlife Removal we are extremely knowledgeable about Middle Tennessee Wildlife. All of our professional Wildlife Removal Technicians are specially trained and fully licensed through the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, members of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association, and the Humane Wildlife Control Society.

Certain species are federal, state and locally protected. Other have specific management regulations mandated by those agencies. AWR knows how to handle your middle Tennessee nuisance wildlife removal problems in accordance with all local, state, and federal regulations. Only the safest, most humane, most effective methods are utilized by our team. Our job is not done until we have identified and fully addressed the problem down to the root.

Wildlife Nuisance Removal, Restoration & Prevention typically includes removal of problem animals, reptiles or birds, repair of all points of a breach (in the case of a property invasion issue), scent trail removal, and the restoration of the space. Once all openings are sealed, we treat the area with an enzymatic fog that neutralizes all animal scent. Much like a dog on a fire hydrant, all animals communicate by scent. It is imperative that your attic or crawlspace be rid of nesting, fecal buildup and animal scent.

Attics and crawlspaces are particularly common areas of penetration for Tennessee wildlife. That’s why we specializes in attic and crawlspace restoration. We know the importance of proper clean-up. Restoring a space recently invaded by wildlife requires extra attention to details that a lot of standard restoration companies lack. We offer professional and affordable attic and crawlspace restorations for both commercial and residential properties. Even better news: many wildlife-related restorations are covered by your homeowner’s insurance!



We remove snakes, bats, skunks, squirrels, birds, raccoons, coyotes, and the list goes on from your home in Nashville and surrounding cities. Some are predators, and some are just competitors; for food, water, and shelter. Wildlife in search of food or shelter for themselves or their family can become aggressive. Some animals carry contagious disease which can cause them to be especially aggressive and dangerous to your family and pets.


Why Hire Us for Your Wildlife Control Needs

Active Wildlife Removal is the best company for anyone who struggles with wildlife-related issues. Not only do we use our expertise and understanding of animals to help the removal process be completed with ease, but we also use our love for animals to ensure that no animal is harmed during the removal process.

Understanding Every Animal

Here at Active Wildlife Removal, we’re proud to say that we have a deep understanding of each and every animal that we come across. This enables us to quickly and efficiently remove any animal that’s made their way into your home.

Using our expertise, animals that need to be removed will be removed in just a matter of days. We’re able to respond to just about every situation that you could imagine due to our deep understanding of animals. Our deep understanding of animals also ensures that we’re able to minimize the harm that could potentially be done to any animal.

Passionate About Protection

We here at Active Wildlife Removal are deeply passionate about animals and always work to ensure that no animal is harmed during the removal process. We always work to ensure the prosperity of the animal upon release. We’ll never use any inhumane methods when it comes to removing an animal. Our sole mission is to remove the animal quickly while ensuring that it remains safe throughout the entirety of the removal process. We’ll never separate animal families, either. If we find that an animal has given birth to offspring we’ll always guarantee that the young are reunited with their parents.

When it comes to exterminating rodents, we always use safe and humane methods of extermination. We’ll never use poisons on a rodent due to the inhumane death that it causes the rodent and the potential harm that it can do to any other pets that you might have in your household. We always ensure that any rat or mouse carcasses that are within your walls are removed to ensure that your home won’t smell of decomposition or dead rodent.

Guaranteed Success

We go much further than just making sure that the animal issue is dealt with. We’ll always check to ensure the problem has no potential of returning. We do this through a variety of ways which include sealing off any cracks or holes within the wall and making your home less attractive to the animal that infested it, ensuring that you’ll never again have to face an infestation issue. We’ll always check up on your home to make sure that our removal worked and that the animal hasn’t returned and that there are no signs of a potential re-infestation.

Our priority is making sure that you’ll never again have to face the issue of an infestation. We want our methods to not only remove the problem from your home but protect your home from any other infestation.

Communication Is The Key

When it comes to removing wildlife, we always make sure that communication is crystal clear. We’ll tell clients what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. We work hard to keep you updated on the progress we’ve made and always answer any questions that you might have about what our process is and why we’re doing what we’re doing. If you have any questions, our team is always there to answer them with clear, concise answers.

Your satisfaction is our priority and, if you do happen to get confused about why we’re making a certain decision, our team is more than happy to explain in detail why it’s necessary. We understand the stress that comes with an animal infestation and always work hard to make you feel comfortable during the removal process. If you have any animal removal needs, call Active Wildlife Removal at (615) 766-7119.


We will remove animals and wildlife from your home in Nashville and surrounding cities in Tennessee including: